Rock and Rule


After a Nuclear World War 3, the human race has been demolished. Animals, particularly rats, cats, and dogs, have since slowly evolved into an anthropomorphic race whilst others, evolved improperly, are refered to as "mutants" and are the dregs of society. Angel, a young female in a band made up of her best friends and boyfriend, is captured by famous rock star, Mok, who needs her voice to unlock an energy door in which a demon may enter into the real world. Angel's band follows her all the way to Nuke York in attempt to get her back, but it is not going to be easy. Mok's "magic" provides many barriers for the band to try and get through. However, they must hurry, because the fate of the world depends on it.

Personal Review

Unforunately, this is a film you either love or hate-it has no happy medium. I personally love it, while animation friends of mine I have showed it to have found it odd and dislikable. However, I wish EVERYONE would at least give this film a chance. It is an animated rock opera- how could it get any better than that? I love the music, particularly "Angel's Song", "Send Love Through" and "Triumph of Me". The animation, perhaps lacking in some parts ( but that is just an animator's point of view ) is very professional and well-done with amazing style and attention to detail. I also enjoy the subtle tones in certain scenes that give you an idea of this anthropomorphic society and their point of view of "the mutants" in such scenes as Cindy's night club, and the like. I still highly suggest viewing this film- whether you like it or not, it is still a trip.


Susan Roman as Angel
Paul LeMat as Omar
Dan Hennessey as Dizzy
Greg Duffell as Stretch and Zip
Don Francks as Mok
Chris Wiggins as Toad
Brent Titcomb as Sleazy
Donny Burns as Officer Quadhole
Catherine Gallant as Cindy
Martin Lavut as Mylar


Angel, who looks a little less "rat-like" than the other characters of her band. She has a beautiful voice and her own talent for writing songs- only her beau, Omar, has really never given her the chance to perform her own creations. Angel is the "one" with the voice Mok needs in order to summon his demon, which is cause for her kidnapping and imprisonment by Mok and his thugs.
Omar, disputably the lead singer of the band, is sarcastic and often very stubborn. He seems to dismiss the idea that Angel was taken against her will, and jealously believes that she has instead ditched the band to work with superstar, Mok. However, Omar learns to follow his heart and returns to save Angel- hopefully, before it's too late.
Dizzy, who's real name is Alfonso, appears to be a cross between a mole and a rat. His main musical function is as back-up singer and the drums. He is the first to have uneasy feelings about Mok's intentions, and soon learns he is right. Dizzy seems to be the "clever-head", and is who convinces Omar to try and find Angel.
If Dizzy is the "clever-head", then Stretch is the "dunder-head". Band wise, he is a back-up singer and plays guitar. He seems to be the only one of the group to own a car, and his past times include playing arcade games and generally saying very silly things. He is the most "rat-like" in appearance, and is very tall and lanky.
Mok. His popularity in the music industry is waning, and his last concert was not sold out. Angry at an unfaithful audience, Mok makes an evil plan to unleash a demon on the "ungratefuls" and wreak havoc in revenge. However, he needs a certain voice to summon the demon, and when it is discovered that Angel is the 'One', he kidnaps her.
The oldest Roller-Skating brother and apparently, the "leader" of them. He and his brothers are Mok's right-hand men, and their gimick is the roller skates they constantly wear.
Sleazy, the middle brother. Apparent by his name, he is unkempt and a slob. Of the three brothers, he appears less in the film.
The last and youngest brother, Zip. Zip has the mind of a child and spends his time watching kiddie shows. The most coherent turmoil he has is whether or not his brothers and himself are evil.
Only a "one sequence" character, Cindy is the busty airhead sister of the roller-skating brothers. She has a habit of sneaking out to clubs, and this particular time, takes Angel with her.
Mylar, the rat who runs the most popular night club in Ohmtown. He becomes a kind of "agent" to Angel's band, but only after he notices the interest Mok has in Angel and her talent.
Officer Quadhole, who pops up now and again to give his favorite group of adolescents some trouble. However, he finds himself outwitted by the group and without a police cruiser quite often.

Screen Grabs

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That REALLY scary butterfly.... Under the Influence Freeze!

The plug is pulled on Omar's song Angel on the keyboard Looking Lovely

Myeh! 'This one talks in numbers!' Watch out for those 'magic' roses!

Angel's opinion when Omar restarts his song Angel finally gets to perform her song 'Why didn't they let us finish?'

Don't worry Zip, you ain't evil Angel at the club Eager for 'Pain and Suffering'

Omar and his new band, The Daycares The Demon Emerges Dizzy explains to Aunt Edith

Mok's new lady friend? Angel prepares to face off with the demon Omar can't believe his eyes

Close encounter of the bosomy kind Angel is determined to deter the demon Drugs create pretty faces

Mok consulting his computer Angel and Omar hug Strech and Dizzy at the Tattoo parlor

Mok delivers the best line of the movie Angel at the hands of the demon Strech learns Dizzy's real name

The Phantom of the Rock Opera and the Angel of Music Angel disappears from the club A glimpse of what an apocoliptic world looks like

Angel and Omar after the danger has passed Angel and Omar 'Send Love Through' Dizzy looks on in relief

Angel and Omar now as 'One' Angel looks confused The destroyed Statue of Liberty

Your brains on 'Uncle Mikey'

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Film Credits

Directed by Clive A. Smith
Screenplay by John Halfpenny
Music by Lou Reed, Debby Harry, and Cheap Trick
Distributed by Nelvana Animation