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"Father into your hands, I command my spirit Father into your hands, why have you forsaken me? In your eyes, forsaken me In your thoughts, forsaken me In your heart, forsaken me Oh, trust in my self-righteous suicide I cry when angels deserve to die In my self-righteous suicide I cry when angels deserve to die "

LAST UPDATED February 19th ( What's New? )

Konnichiwa, Heartfriends! My name is...well...I would HOPE you already know me- but just in case you need a little reminder, my name is Alethia :)...and I would like to WELCOME you to our new home here at Silabub.Com. No more obnoxious Tripod pop-up banners, multiple accounts, or Tripod downtimes!! I must warn you that this page is under constant construction!! My creator, Kylen, Silabub, Ky, Chemistry- whatever you want to call her- who owns this page, is a little slow at this sort of stuff. Pity, isn't it? Oh well.. I guess that's the way it goes. Don't worry, she'll figure it out soon enough!! So if you have any comments or ( please, for Buddha's Sake!! ) a word ( or essay ) please drop her a line, okay? She'd be much obliged, and I'd be a thousand times honored!! :)

Anywise- I am the keeper of this realm..well, maybe not all of it. Being a Road Rover takes a lot of my time, so, some of my friends will be helping to run things. In this large realm, you can learn a little more about my team mates and fellow Heart-friends and about, hey well, me :) Well, I have to run, I have a meditation session I am trying to teach to Hilt, and he's being near impossible about it!!! Sayonara!!!

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Colleen's Dog House

Colleen's Dog House is finally up, and it's a dog house like no other!

Dear Alethia

Hmmmm....gotta question? The Great Alethia sees and kno- pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!! ( purple )


Road Rovers Screensavers, Desktop Themes, WinAmp Skins, Songs and More!

Episode Guide

An in depth episode guide to the entire 1996-97 "Road Rovers" season!

Fan Art

This page is kept clean by Chavaleh- and it has HUNDREDS of fan art for you to see!! :)

Fan Fiction

Meh-lee is very helpful in keeping up the library...


A frequently used message board! If you want something to be known or considered- here is the place to speak your mind!


Information about the purpose about the website and about the show.

Japanese Spitz Dogs

A brand new page in which Alethia teaches you a little about her rare breed- with art and photos!


Veronique de Paris is much obliged in organizing a list of links to all the great pages out there- and boy are there a ton of them!!

Merchandise and Promotional Items

A consistently growing page about just what kind of Rover merchandise and items are out on the market.


An "Update!" newsletter that is made with the intention of helping to increase traffic to your own "Road Rovers" site and also know when your favorite ones have been updated!

Peak behind the Scenes

A new feature for those curious as to how I do my "Road Rovers" fan art.


The first and only Virtual Road Rover Post Office!


Alethia returns to us for a few moments to share this page about her dearest comrades, her team mates.

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